Stacks of mod­i­fiers

ImagineFX - - In Depth Flying Vehicle -

You can add more Mod­i­fiers on to your model at any time. I add an­other Bend Mod­i­fier, this time op­er­at­ing along the long axis to make the thopter look like it’s hov­er­ing so the sol­dier in­side can fire a weapon from the hatch. Now that the de­sign work is mostly done it’s fun to think up scenes to put the as­set into. What about a bat­tle? Or a land­ing? Or a re­pair bay?

Save the day

I now save ren­der out­puts in the PNG for­mat, as this pre­serves trans­parency in the im­age file. This means ren­dered ob­jects are on their own layer, so I can au­to­mat­i­cally iso­late scene as­sets and can drop them straight onto a back­ground plate and paint over it im­me­di­ately if needs be. I ac­tu­ally only learned this re­cently, hav­ing spent years painstak­ingly cut­ting things out. D’oh!

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