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Som­nath Pal talks about learn­ing through ob­ser­va­tion and em­pa­thy, to cre­ate art that’s emo­tion­ally en­gag­ing and car­ries a strong per­sonal voice

ImagineFX - - Issue 137 August 2016 -

Cre­ate art that en­gages the viewer, with Som­nath Pal.

Five years ago, I was a brat who was over­con­fi­dent about my art skills. I drew the same four poses over and over again, but since I drew them well, it just fed my ego! And then I met one of my he­roes, who was kind enough not to throw my sketch­book away, but harsh enough to let me know that I didn’t know how to draw. “Your draw­ings have no life. You need to feel what you are draw­ing. Your back needs to ache if you’re draw­ing some­one bend­ing over,” he said. Hon­estly, I didn’t un­der­stand a thing. But it did set me off on a hunt to un­der­stand what he meant. Three years later, af­ter hav­ing reg­u­larly sketched ev­ery day, I got the first glimpse of what he was get­ting at. While draw­ing a girl sink­ing into her sofa, I re­alised I was sink­ing my­self, to feel the pose.

This wasn’t my only ex­pe­ri­ence, though: there were nu­mer­ous more that shaped my ob­ser­va­tion. Each of them opened me up to a world of pos­si­bil­i­ties. Through this work­shop, I would like to share my ideas that could give you that lit­tle push to ex­plore the world for your­self. My aim is to help you per­son­alise the worlds that you cre­ate through your art.

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