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ImagineFX - - Issue 137 August 2016 -

Mark Mol­nar

Un­der­stand how to think like a tra­di­tional artist and then re­verse en­gi­neer their tech­niques, repli­cat­ing small im­per­fec­tions as you paint, in or­der to cre­ate an 80s-style air­brush look – in this case recreating the iconic early paint­ings of Ha­jime So­rayama. Plus WIPs and fi­nal im­age

Mélanie Delon

Learn how to in­crease the shad­ing on mus­cles, us­ing strong shad­ows and ex­ag­ger­at­ing a char­ac­ter’s mus­cu­la­ture, to con­vey a fig­ure strug­gling to pick up an over­sized weapon. Plus WIPs and fi­nal im­age

Alix Bran­wyn

Con­sider how cre­ative use of en­vi­ron­ment fram­ing, sil­hou­ette and well-de­signed break­outs could present your char­ac­ter in a fresh and in­ter­est­ing new way. Plus WIPs and fi­nal im­age

Mark Mol­nar

Think about what hap­pens when we step in mud, to paint con­vinc­ing footprints. Plus WIPs and fi­nal im­age

Stephen DeLalla

If you’re in­ter­ested in learn­ing how to use ren­der en­gine V-Ray, this epic course from the CG spe­cial­ist could be a big help.

and all this!

De­tailed work­shops with ad­vice from the best fan­tasy artists around the world, in­clud­ing Zeen Chin, Tony DiTer­l­izzi, Juan Fer­nan­dez, Som­nath Pal, Ken Lash­ley, Anand Rad­hakr­ish­nan, Philipp Scherer, Chris Vi­sions, Ad­mira Wi­jaya.

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