Allen Wil­liams

Why the con­cept artist sketched through­out his can­cer treat­ment

ImagineFX - - ImagineNation - Allen is an award-win­ning il­lus­tra­tor, con­cept artist, fine artist and writer who has a pas­sion for cre­at­ing in graphite.­len­williamsstu­

Why did you pro­duce and show art dur­ing this dif­fi­cult time?

Draw­ing is what I do, it’s every­thing. I wanted to make sure some­thing that brings me such en­joy­ment when things are go­ing well could also do that when things were at a low point. So I set up a desk and stu­dio area in my liv­ing room, to be around my fam­ily and still have a space to do art.

Was the process ther­a­peu­tic?

I’m not sure. Draw­ing did help me fo­cus on some­thing other than feel­ing aw­ful. It let me look at what I was do­ing and re­mem­ber that things won’t stay like this. Last year noth­ing was nor­mal. Our life, sched­ule, house: every­thing was dis­rupted and dif­fer­ent. So when I could sit and draw and cre­ate it was like sink­ing back into my world. It en­abled me to feel like I was still en­gaged in my life.

One of the main rea­sons I could fo­cus on my work and not worry too much was be­cause our art com­mu­nity, friends, fam­ily and peo­ple who didn’t even know me per­son­ally helped us. An­drea and Chris Alz­mann, Iain McCaig and Karla Or­tiz started a Go­FundMe page. We were floored by the sup­port and can’t thank peo­ple enough for every­thing that they did for us.

Are there times where en­gag­ing in art as a ther­a­peu­tic tech­nique could be a de­struc­tive process?

I think that as an artist you may have to be aware of how deeply you fall into your own brain. I have a wife and chil­dren and they keep me pretty grounded. I can go down some pretty dark roads, but I have some­one there to tap me on the shoul­der and not let me lose track of my­self.

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