10 Driv­ing emo­tion

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I want to dis­tin­guish this from act­ing. The dom­i­nant emo­tion is the mood of a sce­nario be­fore you. Here’s an ex­am­ple: there’s a frenzy among a group of fans be­cause the home team has just won a league match. Peo­ple may re­act dif­fer­ently, but the dom­i­nant emo­tion is one of eu­pho­ria. If it’s a split-sec­ond emo­tion, you might not have the time to draw it, so just cap­ture the essence in your mem­ory and then make ges­tures to doc­u­ment it. You can also present it as the mood that you want to doc­u­ment.

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