Leav­ing Me­ga­lopo­lis: Sur­viv­ing Me­ga­lopo­lis

Be­gin­ning where Book One ended, our Me­ga­lopo­lis res­i­dents have a mis­sion on their hands

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Leav­ing Me­ga­lopo­lis might have been a high-con­cept mash-up of ev­ery postMarvel­man su­per book, spliced with The Walk­ing Dead and Es­cape From New York, but boy it was a page-turn­ing blast.

The fact that Gail Si­mone had to crowd­fund to get this se­quel off the ground is all the more re­mark­able, given the stel­lar re­sults. Sur­viv­ing Me­ga­lopo­lis fol­lows im­me­di­ately on from the last scene in Book One, which saw our mot­ley crew of Me­ga­lopo­lis res­i­dents es­cape the City’s “af­flicted” su­per­heroes.

Si­mone and Calafiore thrust you straight back into the ac­tion. With fe­male lead Mina (a nod to Alan Moore’s League mem­ber, per­haps?) miss­ing and pre­sumed dead, the re­main­ing es­capees join a small team of spe­cial­ists who have been hand­picked to res­cue their bene­fac­tor’s hus­band from the City – the idea be­ing that they will also re­trieve Mina at the same time. It’s an un­re­lent­ing ride with plenty of sur­prises to aug­ment the ac­tion. The ex­po­si­tion, Con­gres­sional hear­ings and child­hood flash­backs never slow the pace, and chances are you’ll charge through the se­ries with the speed of Si­mone’s Flash-ana­logue, Fleet. Speak­ing of whom, Fleet is a fab­u­lously re­alised speed­ster: su­per­skinny be­cause he’s mov­ing too fast to stop and eat, with a skele­tal grin re­vealed by his bro­ken hel­met. In fact, all of Si­mone’s ‘ana­logue-lite’, su­pers are great fun, and they’re all bas­tards. Ex­cept for one… You might have thought that there was noth­ing new left to add to the dog-eared su­per­hero genre, but Si­mone has found a great an­gle, even if it does in­volve bor­row­ing heav­ily from what has gone be­fore. The fact that Sur­viv­ing Me­ga­lopo­lis man­ages to bet­ter its pre­de­ces­sor is an even big­ger achieve­ment.

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Noth­ing new left to add to the su­per­hero genre? Gail Si­mone has found a great new an­gle here, even if it bor­rows heav­ily from the past.

The re­main­ing es­capees join a small team of spe­cial­ists to res­cue their bene­fac­tor’s hus­band from the stricken City.


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