Cube level changes

ImagineFX - - Quick Technique Replicate & Duplicate -

There are a few con­trols re­main­ing, but what we’re look­ing for are the top three pairs of slid­ers. These con­trol the global scales for each axis, along with the vari­ance for each. Ad­just­ing these gives you that clas­sic gree­ble look in just a few clicks.

The Base mesh is now cov­ered in nurnies and, while not a fin­ished pro­ject, you can see how this tech­nique can be ap­plied. Width, length and height slid­ers set the axis scale, while the size slider is global. The Var slid­ers for each is what cre­ates the look we’re af­ter, mak­ing each cube a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from its neigh­bour.

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