Step by Step: From The Renaissance to an RPG

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1 in­spi­ra­tion from the clas­sics

This por­trait was in­spired from Renaissance portraits of young ladies by the likes of Bot­ti­celli and Raphael. The ini­tial sketch was drawn from my imag­i­na­tion. After­wards, I pho­tographed a model and be­gan a sec­ond, more de­tailed, draw­ing us­ing the photo ref­er­ence.

2 Get some dig­i­tal help

Here, the tonal un­der­paint­ing is fin­ished. I use acrylics be­cause I can move the gouache lay­ers around on top with­out dis­turb­ing it. Be­fore I ap­ply the lo­cal colour, I ad­just my photos in Pho­to­shop and print it in both warm and white light. This helps me see the skin tones more ac­cu­rately.

3 Spot mis­takes in the mir­ror

Af­ter many hours of work­ing, day af­ter day, your eyes grow ac­cus­tomed to the piece and it be­comes harder to dis­cern mis­takes. I take fre­quent breaks and of­ten turn the paint­ing up­side to see the el­e­ments afresh. Hold­ing the paint­ing up to a mir­ror will also re­veal er­rors.

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