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Nick replies

Painter of­fers a ban­quet of water­colour tools. It boasts Dig­i­tal, Real and Water­colour tool cat­e­gories, each with a range of brushes. While Real and Water­colour cat­e­gories re­quire a spe­cialised layer blend mode called Water­colour, the Dig­i­tal Water­colour will work with other blend modes and con­se­quently tool sets, but it has fewer tools.

I come up with a loose sketch first, flood fill the back­ground layer, du­pli­cate it and set the new layer to ei­ther Mul­ti­ply or Gel. The lat­ter kills the white and gives you a head start on colour. Then sim­ple Wa­ter Brush strokes at lower Opac­ity lay the ground­work. Us­ing that brush, along with the Sim­ple Dif­fuser, Salt and Gen­tle Wet Eraser, I work up some tones. I du­pli­cate that layer, then block in the fig­ure with solid colour on a new layer. I then place that layer be­low the two water­colour lay­ers.

Water­colour-type ef­fects can be achieved not only by ap­ply­ing colour washes, but by re­mov­ing or work­ing on ar­eas with some of the other tools pro­vided.

The best way for you to choose which Painter water­colour set suits you best is to spend time try­ing them out.

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