The art di­rec­tor on why there’s no go­ing back from the Tilt Brush…

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How much po­ten­tial do you see in the Tilt Brush?

Plenty, es­pe­cially when it comes to pro­to­typ­ing con­cepts di­rectly into a 3D en­vi­ron­ment. You can ex­port the re­sults and hand them to a 3D artist, who can more eas­ily in­ter­pret and re­fine your model, com­pared to 2D con­cept art.

Will it re­place Pho­to­shop or Painter?

I don’t think so, for many rea­sons, such as the lack of pre­ci­sion and fea­tures. It’s also more tir­ing to cre­ate full scenes in a vir­tual en­vi­ron­ment com­pared to a 2D art pro­gram. For now, I see Tilt Brush as a cre­ative tool that will help get peo­ple ex­cited about paint­ing sim­ple things in a vir­tual set­ting.

What kit are you us­ing?

As soon as I tried Tilt Brush I had to get my own setup, so I went to the Mi­crosoft Store in Belle­vue, WA and they had ev­ery­thing in store. It took only a few days be­tween dis­cov­er­ing VR paint­ing and hav­ing my own VR room at home.

Can you tell us the most sur­pris­ing as­pect about 3D/VR?

Walk­ing into your own con­cept is an ex­pe­ri­ence I would never have dreamed of. You only need to share the Tilt file with peo­ple who are in­ter­ested in your art and they’re ready to go. The down­side is that VR paint­ings are only great to ad­mire within VR.

What have been your big­gest chal­lenges?

I was sur­prised at suf­fer­ing no side ef­fects, such as nau­sea or dizzi­ness. Adapt­ing to a 3D space is a com­plex process. You need to dis­so­ci­ate your im­age from a spe­cific point of view: all points of views can be valid. But there aren’t any de­fined rules. Ev­ery­thing is pos­si­ble.

Sparth has been part of the games in­dus­try for 20 years. He’s worked on ti­tles such as As­sas­sin’s Creed and Halo.

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