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Pro artists pass on their tips for mas­ter­ing the Google Tilt Brush

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1 Take time to ex­per­i­ment

“The most im­por­tant thing to keep in mind is that you’re work­ing in a 3D space and have the abil­ity to move around,” says il­lus­tra­tor and comic book artist Alex Moore. “There are also some neat lu­mi­nous brushes that give off light, so don’t be afraid to play around with them. Just have fun and ex­per­i­ment. This is pretty new ter­ri­tory, af­ter all.”

2 Un­der­stand your brushes

“Some brushes re­act to light and the en­vi­ron­ment in dif­fer­ent ways,” says Sparth. “The flat brush will re­ceive shad­ows on its sur­faces, un­like the marker brush, which will keep the same value. The cloud brush is great but a lit­tle on the heavy side. Us­ing a very dark colour will en­able you to add sub­tle fog or smoke ef­fects.”

3 Be­ware of cus­tom brushes

“Be pa­tient, try ev­ery sin­gle tool and menu, and try to adapt to it,” ad­vises Ge­of­frey Er­nault. “There are a lot of fancy brushes – like sparks – but it’s just like Pho­to­shop: cus­tom brushes won’t make your im­age look cool by de­fault. They have to be used in a cer­tain way to get some­thing more per­sonal.”

4 Start at waist level

“If you make an en­vi­ron­ment, don’t start paint­ing the ground where your feet are,” warns Sparth. “It’ll be much kinder on your back!”

5 Wire tool for line work

“The Wire tool is good for sketch­ing in your line work,” says Dar­ren Ba­con. “Go back and add in planes with an­other tool. Try the straight edge if you want pre­ci­sion.”

6 Share your art in VR

“I’ve no­ticed that if you have an awe­some sketch in VR, you can ex­pect it to be a lot less cool­look­ing out­side VR,” says Sparth. “I go back and forth, tak­ing screen shots and GIFs to check on my mon­i­tor to see if my VR idea is trans­lat­ing well to 2D. Since most of this stuff will be con­sumed and viewed in a 2D for­mat, it’s good to check as you go and make sure that what you’re work­ing on res­onates well with the av­er­age viewer.”

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