Step-by-step: Use light and shad­ows to pile the stuff on

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1 I tidy up the im­ported sketch and rough in some shapes on the horse’s back. You can add strain­ing belts and straps hold­ing items in place, to help show their form and weight. Con­sider what ma­te­ri­als they might be made of. Large, solid metal and wood ob­jects are usu­ally heavy and awk­ward to carry. 2 Pro­trud­ing ob­jects can make a load more awk­ward to deal with. As I build up the colours, I add in a joust­ing lance. I block in colour with the Chalk tool, and lay wa­ter­colour washes for shadow to build vol­ume and deeper tones. Di­ag­o­nal shafts of light help to add to the feel­ing of the di­rec­tional forces be­ing ap­plied. 3 I keep build­ing up vol­ume and colour. I use bold, con­trast­ing colours that make the ob­jects eas­ier to un­der­stand. I darken the shad­ows more, red­den his face and ex­ag­ger­ate his ex­pres­sion. I have his hair di­shev­elled. His feet are pinned flat on the floor. Fi­nally, I add a shadow layer over him to in­te­grate into the scene’s light­ing.

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