Per­spec­tive in Clip Stu­dio Paint

Tan Hui Tian shows you how to use the per­spec­tive tools in Clip Stu­dio Paint, en­abling you to ac­cu­rately draw en­vi­ron­ments in per­spec­tive

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Draw en­vi­ron­ments with Tan Hui Tian’s ad­vice.

As chil­dren, most of us would draw houses as sym­bolic 2D shapes. In re­al­ity, how­ever, it’s rare to see an ob­ject ex­actly head-on, and artists have been rep­re­sent­ing visual per­spec­tive in dif­fer­ent ways even be­fore the math­e­mat­ics and science of per­spec­tive was prop­erly es­tab­lished. One of the com­mon meth­ods to­day is by us­ing lin­ear per­spec­tive (one-point, two-point, and so on), although curvi­lin­ear per­spec­tive im­i­tates how our eyes per­ceive re­al­ity more ac­cu­rately. Rather sim­ply, the rule of lin­ear per­spec­tive fol­lows Eu­clidean geometry, where the dis­tance and ap­par­ent height of the ob­ject are in­versely pro­por­tional: Ap­par­ent Height equals Ac­tual Height di­vided by Dis­tance

With the ad­vent of com­put­ers and dig­i­tal draw­ing soft­ware comes the con­ve­nience of not hav­ing to chart out per­spec­tive guides man­u­ally. Hav­ing said this, I’d rec­om­mend do­ing it the cum­ber­some, tra­di­tional way at least a few times be­fore mov­ing on to us­ing the per­spec­tive tools within Clip Stu­dio Paint, if only to ap­pre­ci­ate the math­e­mat­ics be­hind lin­ear per­spec­tive.

This tu­to­rial as­sumes ba­sic knowl­edge of lin­ear per­spec­tive, but if you don’t have this, I’ll try to bring you up to speed while show­ing you how to use the soft­ware.

1 Set­ting up the per­spec­tive ruler

In or­der to cre­ate a per­spec­tive guide, click Layer>Ruler–Frame> Cre­ate Per­spec­tive Ruler. In the pop-up win­dow that ap­pears, you choose your op­tions, and in this in­stance I’ve se­lected one­point per­spec­tive be­cause this will make it eas­ier to see how the lines cor­re­spond to each other clearly.

2 Ad­just­ing the per­spec­tive guides

You can tilt the hori­zon by mov­ing the green but­ton on the lower left quad­rant (out­lined in red). The but­ton at the van­ish­ing point moves the van­ish­ing point, and the green but­ton clos­est to it moves the ver­ti­cal guide. Drag­ging the cir­cle along the ma­genta lines moves only those guides.

3 Draw­ing on the per­spec­tive guides

Here’s three-point per­spec­tive in ac­tion. Once you’ve set­tled on a per­spec­tive, you can lock the layer and draw on a new layer above it. To snap the draw­ing lines to the van­ish­ing points and other guides, click the snap-to-guide but­ton above.

4 El­lipses in per­spec­tive

A lesser-known func­tion in Clip Stu­dio Paint is that you can snap the shape tools to the per­spec­tive guides as well. Sim­ply open the set­tings, click Cor­rec­tion, and click ‘Able to snap’. This makes it pos­si­ble for you to draw not just el­lipses but other polyg­o­nal shapes in per­spec­tive, with just a few clicks.

5 Us­ing the Sym­met­ri­cal Ruler

Given that a lot of ar­chi­tec­ture or ob­jects may fea­ture sym­me­try, you can speed up your work process by us­ing the sym­met­ri­cal ruler. Here I’ve cre­ated only one, along the ex­ist­ing ver­ti­cal guide­line, but it’s pos­si­ble to cre­ate mul­ti­ple sym­met­ri­cal guide­lines.

Add ex­tra guides and van­ish­ing points by rightclick­ing and adding. The di­a­monds tog­gle whether your draw­ing will snap to the guide. Click here to tog­gle grid vis­i­bil­ity The blue line is the hori­zon line/eye level. The cross de­notes the van­ish­ing point.

The Special ruler cre­ates curve guides – use­ful for fish-eye per­spec­tive. If ‘Cre­ate at edit­ing level’ is se­lected, the ruler is cre­ated in the cur­rent layer. This en­ables you to lay down con­sec­u­tive guides with a set ro­ta­tion.

You can snap to cer­tain guides to en­sure you have greater con­trol over your shapes. The shape tools are un­der Fig­ure, de­noted by ei­ther a line or ruler. Edit as­pect type here and cre­ate du­pli­cates of the shape. Ac­cess the Sub Tool De­tail set­tings by click­ing here.

Take care not to draw on the same layer as the guides. Tog­gle snap­ping to dif­fer­ent guides (in­clud­ing grids) here.

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