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I’ve just re­ceived my copy of the Oc­to­ber is­sue. I like Imag­ineFX a lot, but I won’t be re­new­ing my sub­scrip­tion. I re­ceive my in­come from the UK in pounds ster­ling. Since the re­sult of the Brexit ref­er­en­dum, the value of the pound has been sink­ing steadily. So the value of my in­come here in France has been re­duced.

Mean­while, I see that a one-year sub­scrip­tion costs 99 eu­ros, which is ap­prox­i­mately £86. Whereas, I see that in the UK a one-year sub­scrip­tion costs £59. Cur­rently £59 is ap­prox­i­mately 68 eu­ros. Brexit should be mak­ing things from the UK cheaper, not more ex­pen­sive. Ron­ald, via email

Claire replies Ron­ald, I hear the same thing about in­come from my dad who lives in Spain. I’m not sure about the cost of things from the UK be­ing cheaper since Brexit – if any­thing, our costs are ris­ing! Fur­ther­more, the cost of a UK sub­scrip­tion is lower than that of an over­seas one due to the cost of ship­ping. I’ve passed you on to our sub­scrip­tion team to see if they can help with a slightly bet­ter of­fer for you.

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