Warp­ing your tex­tures in Pho­to­shop

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1 To il­lus­trate my point on warp­ing tex­tures us­ing Per­spec­tive Tools v2, I’ve cre­ated an ex­am­ple for you to see. I have a se­ries of cubes that I want to turn into metal crates. I also have a flat, metal­lic tex­ture I want to use, but the per­spec­tive doesn’t cur­rently match my im­age.

2 Us­ing Pho­to­shop’s Pen Tool (press P for the short­cut), I need to cre­ate four Path Points on my im­age. I be­gin in the top left cor­ner, go to the up­per right cor­ner, down to the bot­tom right, and then to the lower left. Bear in mind that the or­der you place the points mat­ters.

3 When I’m sat­is­fied with the place­ment of my Path Points, I can press the Warp but­ton avail­able in the Per­spec­tive Tools v2 win­dow ex­ten­sion. This snaps the tex­ture into the cor­rect po­si­tion. And be­cause the tex­ture was a Smart Ob­ject, the layer re­mains ed­itable.

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