Paint For Honor char­ac­ter art

Remko Troost talks you through his process and tech­niques for creat­ing Apol­lyon, from Ubisoft’s up­com­ing game and this month’s cover star

ImagineFX - - Issue 141 December 2016 -

Remko Troost’s process for creat­ing Apol­lyon.

For this work­shop I’ll show you how I cre­ated the art for this month’s Imag­ineFX cover. From the first sketches, look­ing for a dy­namic pose, through to an im­age that re­spects For Honor’s uni­verse, it’s all about be­ing flex­i­ble to the var­i­ous re­quire­ments of the ed­i­to­rial lay­out. The to and fro of paint­ing com­mis­sioned art is pretty stan­dard in the in­dus­try. I’ll re­veal what tools I use for drop­ping my first lines and then how I go over to the val­ues be­fore at­tack­ing colours and at­mos­phere.

We’ll also talk about us­ing Warp Tools, which come in very handy for ad­just­ing the char­ac­ter’s pose while in the mid­dle of the paint­ing process and how to use and cus­tomise sev­eral brushes for creat­ing tex­tures for dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als that will fol­low the per­spec­tive and lines of a char­ac­ter’s pose.

I had the joy and, er, hon­our to work on this char­ac­ter of Ubisoft’s all-new video game, For Honor. It was a blast work­ing with Chris­tian, my art direc­tor, and this char­ac­ter has a kind of dark, pow­er­ful and mys­te­ri­ous aura.

Ladies and gen­tle­men, it’s my great plea­sure to present to you… Apol­lyon!

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