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From scour­ing comic stores to hud­dling over fan­tasy art books in dimly lit li­braries, Ryan has al­ways felt a sense of won­der from fan­tasy worlds. “How­ever, it wasn’t un­til high school that I re­alised I could make a liv­ing creat­ing that won­der,” he says.

Af­ter study­ing me­dia arts and an­i­ma­tion, Ryan went on to cre­ate for prop­er­ties like Pathfinder, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Work­ing with Wiz­ards of the Coast on Magic: The Gath­er­ing since 2009, he’s fi­nally been fea­tured in the gal­leries and il­lus­tra­tion an­nu­als he loved star­ing at as a kid.

Cur­rently, Ryan’s a lead con­cept artist at Schell Games, and says that, “I’m con­tin­u­ing to draw and cre­ate worlds my 15-year-old self once dreamt about.”

1 An­gel Pro­tec­tor “An an­gel and her gar­goyle guardians. I had fun re­search­ing bearded lizards and tigers for in­spi­ra­tion.” 1


Fruit of the First Tree “Cre­ated for Magic: The Gath­er­ing. For me this piece is about find­ing some­thing you’ve been search­ing for so long and it’s just within arms reach. This im­age was nom­i­nated for a Ch­es­ley Award for Best Gam­ing Re­lated Il­lus­tra­tion Cat­e­gory 2016.”


Arid Mesa “For Magic: The Gath­er­ing. I wanted to cap­ture the scale of float­ing canyons and how one might feel see­ing them for the first time. The sense of dis­cov­ery plays a big part in my im­age mak­ing. As a fan­tasy artist we have the abil­ity to take the viewer to a world with no lim­its.”


Dig Through Time “An­other piece for M:TG. The de­scrip­tion asked for a shaman peer­ing into a basin of a mag­i­cal water. Here she’s able to see into the past or even the fu­ture. This piece was ac­cepted into this year’s Spec­trum Fan­tas­tic Art An­nual 23.” 2

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