Do dig­i­tal artists have any flair?

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I bought the Au­gust is­sue of Imag­ineFX (137) solely for the amaz­ing step-by-step Pho­to­shop work­shop on draw­ing Har­ley Quinn by Ad­mira Wi­jaya. I en­joy draw­ing comic book he­roes, but have never at­tempted dig­i­tal im­agery as I’m old school – I’m in my 50s and use pen­cil, black ink and wa­ter­colour­based inks.

I had a go at Har­ley and have at­tached the re­sults for your pe­rusal. What I would like to ask is, do you think you need to have some de­gree of artis­tic flair to be a dig­i­tal artist, or can you get the com­puter to do all the work for you? For ex­am­ple, rec­tify mis­takes, blend colours and so on? John Pugh, via email

Claire replies Hello John. Thanks for email­ing in. I love your Har­ley Quinn draw­ing. It’s re­ally great. As for your ques­tion about need­ing artis­tic flair to be a dig­i­tal artist, the an­swer is a re­sound­ing YES. The com­puter is a tool to cre­ate, not a cre­ation gen­er­a­tor. Any­one can cre­ate art on a com­puter, but with­out knowl­edge of the ba­sics – colour, light, anatomy and so on – it’ll be bad art. I’d be in­ter­ested to hear what oth­ers think.

John painted Har­ley Quinn us­ing tra­di­tional me­dia, af­ter be­ing in­spired by Ad­mira Wi­jaya’s work­shop.

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