Light and re­al­ism

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Now I slowly start to work my light sources: back and bounc­ing lights, dif­fus­ing lights and so on. A lot comes into play when you try to make things look re­al­is­tic. I rarely use pho­tos for creat­ing char­ac­ters (though I do for chain­mail – I hate chain­mail!). In the end I think that achiev­ing a re­al­is­tic look de­pends on how much you ob­serve real life from around you – I do this all the time. It’s slower for learn­ing but faster once it’s in­side your head. Again, I don’t use lay­ers here and if some­thing goes wrong I paint back over it again. I find that do­ing it this way will give you re­al­is­ti­clook­ing sur­faces and a painterly feel, es­pe­cially if you use Pen Pres­sure or if you keep your Flow and/or Opac­ity low.

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