14 Z-Depth

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When you ren­der out your model, you can also make dif­fer­ent kinds of ren­ders, in­clud­ing a Z-Depth pass. This cre­ates a greyscale im­age with ar­eas in the fore­ground dark, and go­ing back in space goes along a gra­di­ent to white. Search on­line for how to cre­ate this in Keyshot, V-Ray or even SketchUp by just us­ing ‘fog’. In Pho­to­shop I use this to mask over­lays, or cre­ate fog with se­lec­tions, en­hanc­ing the over­lap­ping of forms in space. This en­ables me to quickly se­lect the ar­eas be­hind the bridge so I can boost the con­trast and add depth.

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