Step-by-step: Fanning the mag­i­cal flames…

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I start roughly, try­ing to cre­ate a sense of move­ment. I lay down some quite fast and loose brush strokes very early on. I de­lib­er­ately avoid us­ing any straight hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal lines be­cause this would break the il­lu­sion that this is a nat­u­ral el­e­ment. I then work out where I want the flames to be. At this point, I be­gin to paint more de­tail into the flames. I use a lot of near-white tones in the cen­tre of the fire to give the flames a sense of heat. The fur­ther away from the cen­tre I get, I use lighter tones of green in­stead. I also set the Layer mode to Hard Light to help in­ten­sify the heat and cre­ate a sense of glow­ing flames. Us­ing a cus­tom-made brush (in­cluded in this is­sue’s re­sources), I add em­bers com­ing from the fire. First, I paint the em­bers in a very light tone. I then bring up the Layer Style menu, se­lect Outer Glow and choose an in­tense green to make the em­bers ap­pear as though they’re glow­ing. Mo­tion Blur cre­ates a sense of move­ment.

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