I want to de­sign ar­mour that’s vis­ually in­ter­est­ing – got any tips?

Shan­non Ball, Eng­land

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An­swer Dave replies

I re­ally en­joy work­ing with fan­tasy-based char­ac­ters, es­pe­cially the more darker fan­tasy kinds such as those from Games of Thrones or The Witcher.

I like to cre­ate fig­ures that don’t ap­pear uni­form. I find them more in­ter­est­ing when the ar­mour is unique and var­ied, based on the en­coun­ters they’ve had through­out their lives. They’ve had to adapt to the sit­u­a­tions they have been in and their de­sign should re­flect this. You can tell a lot about a per­son from the clothes they wear, and I en­joy ex­press­ing a war­rior’s per­son­al­ity through their ar­mour.

When try­ing to cre­ate a de­sign, a good ap­proach to take is to think prac­ti­cally and ask your­self a range of ques­tions. When I’m de­sign­ing char­ac­ters, I try to think about them as a real per­son. Where have they been? What have they done? What kind of per­son­al­ity do they have? What have they done to reach this point in their lives? Try to think about en­vi­ron­ment this char­ac­ter lives in. For ex­am­ple, is it cold? If the an­swer is ‘yes’ then the cloth­ing should be ap­pro­pri­ate to keep the char­ac­ter warm. These are the kind of ques­tions any good con­cept de­signer should ask them­selves.

Think prac­ti­cally about your de­sign and think about what the char­ac­ter would need to wear. This will quickly help you fig­ure out what you need.

When paint­ing, try start­ing with ba­sic bold shapes at the be­gin­ning of your de­sign and grad­u­ally build up your level of de­tail as you progress.

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