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Ges­ture draw­ing is a quick way to cap­ture the over­all mes­sage of a fig­ure. These ob­ser­va­tional draw­ings are of­ten done in very short seg­ments. For ex­am­ple, in a life-draw­ing class, as op­posed to the model sit­ting still for 20-plus min­utes, they may in­stead only pose for 30 sec­onds – or less! This forces the artist to get down onto pa­per their first im­pres­sion. In this process of mak­ing de­lib­er­ate and quick lines, try not to worry about how your art looks, or cap­tur­ing de­tails. This will help you to fo­cus on the ac­tion or feel­ing of the pose.

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