Step-by-step: Cap­ture the look of a fu­tur­is­tic glass hel­met

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1 From my con­cept sketch I cre­ate a round shape with a cus­tom tex­tured brush. I don’t want the glass to have an overly clean look, even if it’s usu­ally a smooth pol­ished sur­face. I use a neu­tral vi­o­let colour for this base. The glass shape and vol­ume is only sug­gested by curved brush strokes and the rest of the hel­met. 2 I re­fine the pre­vi­ous lines, and erase some dark parts in­side the hel­met leav­ing more room for my char­ac­ter. I try to cre­ate a clean, curved shape. I work the face as nor­mal; I choose to keep the glass un­coloured, but you can quickly achieve coloured glass by adding colour on a low Opac­ity layer on top of the fig­ure’s face. 3 To add light I paint some al­most white curved lines on the bor­ders of the glass part, where the glass is the most re­flec­tive. Adding some coloured hints of the sur­round­ing en­vi­ron­ment will in­crease the re­al­ism of your hel­met. With a very small Round brush I add small dots of light on the edges to bring in re­flec­tion ef­fects.

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