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Karen Lind­sey, Eng­land

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Male pin-ups, punk pin-ups, zom­bie pin-ups, per­fect skin, light­ing, leather, la­tex, feather boas and much more fea­ture in this month’s glam­orous Q&A ar­ti­cles.


Jace replies

Feather boas are an ex­cel­lent ac­ces­sory to com­ple­ment a pin-up girl. There’s just some­thing very sexy about feather boas and get­ting that play­ful­ness and sex­i­ness right can re­ally help make a piece stand out from the crowd. How­ever, the fo­cus shouldn’t be just on the boa, but also on the pose of the pin-up and how the boa is be­ing used to tell that char­ac­ter’s story.

Play­ful ges­tures with the fig­ure twirling and twist­ing the boa around the neck can do a lot to re­ally sell the sex­i­ness of the piece. As usual, col­lect­ing ref­er­ence is a key point in start­ing any il­lus­tra­tion. Get­ting the ref­er­ence to match the fi­nal il­lus­tra­tion as close as pos­si­ble will go a long way in help­ing the fi­nal piece look great. Yes, you can go on­line and search around for suit­able pho­to­graphs, but you’ll achieve the per­fect pose if you pur­chase a cheap boa and take a few snaps of yourself in front of a mir­ror.

The brushes I use to paint the feath­ers in this piece are long oval brushes an­gled at a 45-de­gree an­gle to cre­ate feather-like shapes. The brushes are set with a Flow of 22 per cent, Opac­ity at 100 per cent, Opac­ity set to Pen Pres­sure and Size set to Pen Pres­sure.

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