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Ah­hhh… aargh! In the real world, pet­ting a cute-look­ing crit­ter is usu­ally pretty safe. But in a fan­tasy en­vi­ron­ment, don’t even think about it!

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Sezar Salzer is a self-taught pain­ter with a keen eye for charis­matic char­ac­ter de­signs. “My main in­spi­ra­tions,” Sezar says, “are the gor­geous work of Dis­ney and Pixar artists. I try to cre­ate sim­i­lar char­ac­ters, in the same style.”

Mu­nich-based Sezar, who works anony­mously us­ing a pseu­do­nym and avatar, cre­ated Cute but Deadly us­ing Pho­to­shop. He be­gan with­out line work, in­stead block­ing in mono­chrome be­fore switch­ing to colour with a sep­a­rate layer for blend­ing styles. The re­sult is a green and furry, but dead-eyed and vi­cious, crea­ture that’s slain a monster more than twice its size. “It was a chal­lenge,” Sezar says, “to keep the crea­ture sweet and deadly at the same time.” But then, by def­i­ni­tion, chal­lenges aren’t meant to be easy.

MYFX ti­tle: Cute but Deadly Win­ner: Sezar Salzer (SZR) Gallery:

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MYFX ti­tle: The Dream Catcher Win­ner: Bon Jovi Bernardo (Bon) Gallery:­dobon­jovi

All En­tries:­dream

“This was my first time en­ter­ing an Imag­ineFX art chal­lenge, and I’m grate­ful to those who voted for my work to be the win­ner. The cap­tured dreams turn into im­ages that will later be bound into a book by the Dream Keeper. The bowl of wa­ter or mir­ror-like ob­ject is a spe­cial el­e­ment called a Dream Finder. With the help of my Dream Keeper, I hope all of my dreams will come true.”

MYFX ti­tle: It Came from the Deep Win­ner: Jon Ab­biss (Zinc) Gallery:­ab­biss

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“It was good fun cre­at­ing a trashy, straight-to-video movie poster – com­plete with beasty, biki­nis and a cheesy tagline. If I’m be­ing hon­est, I prob­a­bly bit off more than I could chew, con­sid­er­ing the time limit. How­ever, it en­abled me to ex­per­i­ment with more of the op­tions in ArtRage – a cheaper al­ter­na­tive to Corel Pain­ter, with tools that repli­cate wa­ter­colours and oils.”

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Con­grat­u­la­tions Sezar – you’ve won two Imag­ineFX spe­cials of your choice! To get your hands on sim­i­lar prizes, see our Fo­rum chal­lenges at www.imag­­rums “I love the story in Sezar’s piece and how the high­lights bring out busy tex­tures in the fore­ground.” Daniel John­son (Squared­mo­tion) Sezar blocked in mono­chrome, then switched to colour with a sep­a­rate layer for blend­ing styles. He didn’t do any line work.

In the world of fan­tasy beasts, noth­ing is what it seems. Clearly, Sezar’s furry cre­ation doesn’t like to be tick­led be­hind its ears!

“I en­joyed paint­ing the Dream Keeper char­ac­ter,” says Bon. “It feels like I’m cre­at­ing a pre­cious dream while at the same time cap­tur­ing and de­pict­ing it through the paint­ing.”

Jon says he found it tough paint­ing un­der the chal­lenge’s time con­straints, but nev­er­the­less his fi­nal im­age was a win­ning ef­fort.

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