Block­ing in light

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When it’s time to block in the light for the wolf, I add a new layer that I link to the base wolf layer by press­ing Alt and click­ing in be­tween the two. I set it to Soft Light and be­gin work­ing in the ba­sic light. I sug­gest try­ing Over­lay, Soft Light and Hard Light, and see­ing which one works best. Think about where the light is com­ing from, work in more yel­low light where the sun will be hit­ting, and some green bounce light on the sur­faces where di­rect sun­light doesn’t hit, but which is af­fected by the sur­round­ing green light of the for­est. Once I’m happy with how the im­age is de­vel­op­ing, I merge some of my lay­ers by go­ing to Layer> Merge Lay­ers or by press­ing Ctrl+E. For per­sonal art, I try to have as few lay­ers as pos­si­ble; my fi­nal art is al­most al­ways one sin­gle layer. But for pro­fes­sional work, it’s bet­ter to keep a cou­ple of lay­ers in case the client wants to change cer­tain el­e­ments.

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