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I’m an Imag­ineFX sub­scriber. The range of topics, tech­niques and artists rep­re­sented is truly bril­liant and the qual­ity of the mag­a­zine is be­yond re­proach.

Here is my dilemma Claire: I’m mid­dleaged! And if this isn’t bad enough, my old peep­ers are not what they once were. So can you and the staff re-eval­u­ate the use of the small, thin, Hel­vetica-es­que font you use for body copy? An ex­am­ple would be the im­age on page 49 of is­sue 103, Dance With the Wind by Vian Lee [see be­low]. The text bub­ble copy is al­most im­pos­si­ble to read, even on the dark back­ground colour.

I won’t spec­u­late about the de­mo­graphic tar­get of your read­er­ship, but as a mid­dleaged guy, I can safely say the type is too thin and small to read in the text bub­bles. Tony Sten­cel, via email Claire replies Tony, sorry to hear that you are hav­ing trou­ble read­ing some of the text. Rest as­sured, you’re not alone: be­ing mid­dle-aged is a dilemma we all have to face! Jok­ing aside, I haven’t heard of oth­ers find­ing that font hard to read. But we’ll keep an eye out for read­abil­ity in the fu­ture.

Tony Sten­cel says he has trou­ble read­ing Sketch­book. Does any­one else have the same prob­lem with our fonts?

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