De­tail­ing the struc­tures and scale

ImagineFX - - In depth chaotic Art -

In a land­scape with weird shapes and struc­tures, you want to be sure that the scale reads right. For this, I just add a hu­manoid char­ac­ter, or a de­sign that can be seen in ev­ery­day life: some­thing like a tree, a lamp post or a car will do the trick. The eye then sees the size of this ob­ject, and can com­pare it with the rest of the en­vi­ron­ment. I also start re­fin­ing the shapes so that they have a bit more flow and con­nec­tion with each other. At this stage, I add some light cir­cles in the back­ground, to in­di­cate that there’s a light source from be­hind there. I use a Color Dodge layer for this.

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