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“In Were­wolf, Colin shows the key mo­ment of fur­sprout­ing change with vivid colour. Draugr Beast has a sim­i­larly bright pal­ette. In both im­ages the mar­riage of lively tones and dark sub­ject is pure fun to look at. Great job!” Beren Neale, Dig­i­tal Edi­tor


Were­wolf “I love were­wolves and I painted this for the Book of Beasts by Tick­tock Books. I tried to cap­ture the mo­ment of change be­tween man and were­wolf. I had to adapt my colour pal­ette on this project, mak­ing it brighter and more vivid than usual.”


Draugr Beast “This im­age of an un­dead draugr rid­ing his beast also fea­tures in Book of Beasts. I tried to give a zomb­i­fied, de­monic feel to this char­ac­ter. I also wanted to cap­ture a pow­er­ful beast be­ing driven to the brink of mad­ness.”


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