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Please pass on my com­pli­ments and grat­i­tude to Cris De­lara, for her piece on manga style faces, in the Comic Artist spe­cial. I’ve been try­ing to learn how to draw faces. It may be a lit­tle more dif­fi­cult for me as I’m face blind. (I can’t recog­nise my­self in the mir­ror and when­ever I look away I can’t pic­ture a face.) But her piece is the first that’s made sense to me, es­pe­cially the map­ping of the nose. Would you con­sider pub­lish­ing a sim­i­lar map of pro­file, three-quar­ter views or male faces? Katy, via email Claire replies Hello Katy, glad we could help you. Great idea on the work­shop! We have a manga edi­tion of Imag­ineFX on the hori­zon, so I’ll see if Cris can pro­vide a work­shop on paint­ing manga males.

Tools for the job

I got my­self a new Adonit Jot, in or­der to draw with my iPad. It’s a mir­a­cle! This pen­cil, yes a pen­cil, is my new in­stru­ment to do nu­mer­i­cal draw­ings – and I saw it first in your mag­a­zine, which is full of great ad­vice!

I have an In­kling too, but it’s not a big suc­cess. Maybe a pro such as Jim Lee could show us some of his skills with it? Don­ald Lachance, via email Claire replies Don­ald, thanks so much for tak­ing the time to write in. We’re glad that you take our ad­vice on dig­i­tal art soft­ware tools and hard­ware.

Tra­di­tional praise

I re­ally like the new tra­di­tional art sec­tion and in par­tic­u­lar I love the type of paper you use there. I wish that the rest of the mag­a­zine used the same paper. It makes it so much eas­ier to look at an im­age when I don’t have to con­tin­u­ally shift it around to avoid the glare from the high-gloss paper.

Olivia, via email Many thanks for the new sec­tion of the mag­a­zine! The tra­di­tional art cov­er­age is won­der­ful. It was just what was miss­ing for Imag­ineFX to be per­fect.

Jeferson San­tos, Brazil

Claire replies Olivia and Jeferson, thank you for your kind words on our new sec­tion. We love it too.

More Manga Stu­dio 5

Just won­der­ing if you’re go­ing to con­tinue print­ing ar­ti­cles on Manga Stu­dio 5? It’s the soft­ware I use, but find­ing tips and tricks is pretty dif­fi­cult, so the ones I’ve found in the mag­a­zine are su­per help­ful. Jodie Boutin, via email Claire replies Hi Jodie, we’re im­pressed with Manga Stu­dio 5 too – there are a few more Core Skills on it to come from PJ Holden (page 75), and a full work­shop us­ing Manga Stu­dio 5 is a great idea!

Dig­i­tal ac­cess

I’m cur­rently a sub­scriber to the print ver­sion of your mag­a­zine and was con­sid­er­ing sub­scrib­ing to the dig­i­tal ver­sion. But be­fore mov­ing from the old road to the new one, I’d like to know: is it pos­si­ble to read the dig­i­tal mag­a­zine on my Mac too, or will I only be able to ac­cess the con­tent on my iOS de­vice? Will I be able to down­load the PDF ver­sion of the mag­a­zine as I do now from your web­site? An­to­nio Bifulco, via email Claire replies If you want to read the mag­a­zine on your Mac, you’ll have to sub­scribe via Zinio. If you want to read on your iOS de­vice, you’ll need to sub­scribe via Ap­ple News­stand. You can switch be­tween Ap­ple de­vices us­ing this (say, an iPad and an iPhone), but you can’t read it on your Mac. Fur­ther­more, dig­i­tal sub­scribers don’t have ac­cess to the pre­mium con­tent on our web­site. Hope this helps.

Would you want all of Imag­ineFX printed on the rougher paper that we use in the tra­di­tional art sec­tion?

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