Cre­ate an in­ter­est­ing light for your for­est

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1 I start with a ba­sic green land­scape, just fo­cus­ing on the com­po­si­tion and giv­ing the right lu­mi­nos­ity to each part: the back­ground ( 1), mid­dle (2) and fore­ground (3). I imag­ine that it’s a cloudy day, which means that lit­tle light will reach the floor of your land­scape. Ev­ery­thing be­comes pale and un­sat­u­rated. 2 In this shot, all the colours are rel­a­tively un­sat­u­rated – it’s what I’m aim­ing for now. Try to use mid­dle and dark tones to paint your mid- and fore­ground with­out get­ting lost in de­pict­ing any de­tails. Once I’m happy with the re­sult, I cre­ate a new layer and se­lect where the light comes from. 3 Be care­ful when set­ting the high­light, be­cause it’ll grab a lot of at­ten­tion. Choose in­ter­est­ing places and don’t have too many of them, be­cause your com­po­si­tion may lose vis­ual in­ter­est. Note that a leaf is translu­cent when light reaches them di­rectly. Its upside gets high­lighted while its back will show a sat­u­rated colour.

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