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As with Pho­to­shop, Manga Stu­dio has a full set of quick keys that can be used. They will also en­able you to press and hold a key to use a com­mand func­tion tem­po­rar­ily, be­fore re­turn­ing you to the tool you were al­ready us­ing. The tool will de­fault to the sub-tool most re­cently used, so, for ex­am­ple, press­ing W for Magic Wand will se­lect the Se­lect from Ref­er­ence Layer sub-tool, as­sum­ing that it was the last Magic Wand sub-tool you used.

W – Magic Wand G – Gra­di­ent F – Fill P – Pen/Pen­cil

(This will cy­cle through ei­ther tool if used re­peat­edly)

H – Hand

Press­ing this en­ables you to use the mouse cur­sor to move the can­vas area around. You can also add your own pre­ferred short­cut keys to Tools, Tool Op­tions, Menu items and Ac­tions us­ing Manga Stu­dio’s Short­cut Set­tings op­tion.

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