I’m pretty ter­ri­ble at paint­ing hands – how can I im­prove in this area?

Vin T-Bone, US

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Paco replies

Hands are quite tricky to paint or draw, and paint­ing them when you’re a be­gin­ner can be an up­hill strug­gle, to say the least. The key to suc­cess is to learn about their real shape (anatomy), to learn how to con­struct them in a paint­ing (per­spec­tive) and how to ren­der them (this is ba­si­cally prac­tice, prac­tice and more prac­tice).

Buy or bor­row a good anatomy book and study the bones and joints of the hand and fore­arm. Try to un­der­stand their shape and how they move. Take some pic­tures of your hands and spend time draw­ing the bones over them – this will help you un­der­stand what’s go­ing on un­der the skin. Vi­su­alise the hands as sim­ple three-di­men­sional shapes – such as boxes – to get the vol­ume right. Paint­ing two-di­men­sional hands may be eas­ier and be some­thing you can get away with for now, but you’ll have trou­ble paint­ing them in per­spec­tive fur­ther on down the line. Put the ground­work in now, and reap the re­wards later!

And fi­nally, spend time ob­serv­ing hands: pho­tos of hands, paint­ings of hands, or your own hands (or those of a friend) and try to paint them. Pay at­ten­tion to the sub­tle shape of fin­gers (they’re thicker on the joints and are ori­ented in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions), the wrin­kles on the skin and the po­si­tion of the knuck­les. Fin­gers aren’t sausages, so prac­tise un­til you un­der­stand them in­side and out – lit­er­ally! It’s the only way to be­come bet­ter at paint­ing one of the hu­man body’s most com­plex el­e­ments.

Paint­ing hands can be dif­fi­cult, but if you spend some time analysing their anatomy, vol­ume and de­tails, then you should be able to im­prove quickly.

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