The Art of Ian Miller

Beau­ti­ful nightmare The in­com­pa­ra­ble Bri­tish fan­tasy artist Ian Miller gets a long over­due ret­ro­spec­tive of a be­witch­ing body of work Au­thor Tom Whyte and Ian Miller Pub­lisher Ti­tan Books Price £25 Web www.ti­tan­ Avail­able 25 March

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Bri­tish artist Ian Miller has been on the fan­tasy and sci-fi art scene since the early 1970s. His finely de­tailed work is in­stantly recog­nis­able, and is of­ten gothic and grotesque-themed in na­ture. This 160-page hard­back show­cases 300 of his most in­cred­i­ble pieces.

With al­most ev­ery im­age fea­tur­ing some form of death, de­struc­tion and sick­en­ing de­cay, the work is di­vided into four chap­ters. Each one is over­flow­ing with his trade­mark stark black-and-white draw­ings, with the odd in­jec­tion of colour thrown in to get your senses go­ing. But it’s the fi­nal chap­ter – Dreams and Night­mares – that’s the most cap­ti­vat­ing.

Here you’ll find Ian’s most un­set­tling pieces. It’s also where the artist re­veals per­sonal de­tails about him­self, such as how be­ing steeped in the world of make-be­lieve as a child made him both fear­ful and ex­cited at the same time. These are two emo­tions that have since trans­lated into his work and now in­voke a sim­i­lar re­ac­tion in his au­di­ences.

This book is fre­netic in the most bril­liant way. Ev­ery im­age pro­duces mul­ti­ple, op­pos­ing re­ac­tions, the pre­dom­i­nant one be­ing of awe at Miller’s stag­ger­ing craft, quickly fol­lowed by an overwhelming urge to look away. It’s an ab­so­lute must-have for fan­tasy artists.

Ian Miller’s art­work is sure to evoke feel­ings of mor­bid fas­ci­na­tion.

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