3 Out­line be­hav­iour

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The sil­hou­ette of an el­e­ment is the first en­try point that en­ables a viewer to be­come fa­mil­iar with an ob­ject or char­ac­ter. If you see a sil­hou­ette at night, de­spite the dis­tance or lack of light, you should still be able to iden­tify whether it’s an an­i­mal or a per­son be­cause of the in­for­ma­tion stored in our sub­con­scious. This same sub­con­scious cul­tural in­for­ma­tion can help a viewer de­cide that a fig­ure with rounded and smooth forms is friendly, whereas one made up of many an­gles and acute forms is much more likely to be an ag­gres­sive char­ac­ter.

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