Can you help me get the per­spec­tive right in a scene?

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Mark replies

There’s no easy way to get per­spec­tive right, but there are plenty of dig­i­tal tools avail­able to speed things up. Be­cause I come from a tra­di­tional art back­ground, I pre­fer draw­ing a per­spec­tive grid and build­ing up ev­ery­thing from the ba­sics. How­ever, I’ve found that 3D soft­ware can help in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions. Be­cause I’m not a 3D artist, I tend to use only ba­sic build­ing blocks when cre­at­ing a con­cept.

Once I have a solid sil­hou­ette and base, 3D soft­ware en­ables me to check the con­cept from al­ter­na­tive an­gles or ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent cam­era lenses. Af­ter I’m happy with the scene I do a cou­ple of re­ally sim­ple but high-res­o­lu­tion ren­ders that I then im­port into Pho­to­shop. Their per­spec­tive will be ac­cu­rate and I can eas­ily paint on top of them or even cre­ate my own additional per­spec­tive grid on top.

For this im­age I quickly put to­gether the main gates and one wall sec­tion, then du­pli­cate these el­e­ments to cre­ate the sec­ond gate on the right. Then I du­pli­cate this whole sec­tion again, and trans­form it so that it’s higher off the ground. Then I just have to find the an­gle I want. From this point the paint­ing phase is pretty straight­for­ward be­cause I’m us­ing the ren­der as a guide. I use var­i­ous paint­ing tech­niques and also some photo tex­tures that I ob­tained dur­ing a re­cent for­est trip.

The solid foun­da­tion of your 3D model can give you a free­dom to paint the light­ing, tex­tures and de­tails with­out wor­ry­ing about the per­spec­tive. Don`t be a slave to the 3D ren­der – treat it as just a guide.

If you’re not con­fi­dent about per­spec­tive or have to show the same en­vi­ron­ment or ob­ject from dif­fer­ent an­gles, build it from 3D blocks. I used Google’s free SketchUp to quickly model these build­ings.

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