Pa­trice Ley­marie

The IT’S ART founder on show­ing your work and how to get no­ticed

ImagineFX - - Imagine Nation - Pa­trice is the founder of IT’S ART, the site shar­ing dig­i­tal art in­spi­ra­tion, in­ter­views, tu­to­ri­als and work­shops.­sart­

How does an artist go about at­tract­ing the right kind of at­ten­tion on your site?

I’m al­ways try­ing to find new talent. I’m proud to have in­ter­viewed people such as Raphael La­coste, Michael Kutsche and Loïc Zim­mer­mann. But there are no rules to gain­ing no­to­ri­ety on­line. Any­way, the goal should not to be­come a CG star. Most of the artists picked on IT’S ART have sim­ply pro­duced stun­ning art­works. They don’t see the site as a means to be fa­mous. It’s a com­ple­men­tary sort of recog­ni­tion.

You no longer host fo­rums on your site. Why is that?

There are too many fo­rums and dis­cus­sion-based sites, and artists don’t have the time to spend all day on more than two places. Once they like one site it’s hard to at­tract them to an­other if you of­fer noth­ing new. So, I’ve slowly killed fo­rums on IT’S ART, to fo­cus on con­tent and news. The most im­por­tant aim is to pro­vide a dif­fer­ent take on news. It’s to be ex­pected that people won’t dis­cuss the news on my site if it’s ex­actly the same as on so­cial net­works or other web­sites. If you’re one of the first to deliver fresh qual­ity con­tent, people come back to your site and share it. That’s the con­tent part sorted, in my opin­ion.

Fi­nally, what’s your top tip for on­line suc­cess?

Share your work on as many web­sites as pos­si­ble. If you only post in one or two, just be­cause they’re the big­gest, you have less chance of be­ing no­ticed. The big­ger a site, the harder it is to get no­ticed. It’s like with Face­book feeds: it’s hard to find sense in so much sur­round­ing noise.

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