Do you have any tips on draw­ing slime?

Shrill Torstén, Den­mark

ImagineFX - - Imaginenation Artist Q&a -

An­swer John replies

Slime is a fun but tricky sub­stance to paint, be­cause it’s highly glossy and some­what translu­cent. It’s nei­ther quite solid nor liq­uid.

If it’s drip­ping or flow­ing down then you’ll be able to see faint traces of ob­ject shapes and light sources be­hind it. Re­gard­ing light in­ter­ac­tion, slime be­haves very sim­i­larly to stained glass. It’s gen­er­ally con­sid­ered green­ish-yel­low, but you could ap­ply these prin­ci­ples to any colour, and since it’s very glossy it will also have very sharp high­lights.

I have my char­ac­ter al­ready com­posed here, and I know that I want the slime to trail from his nose to the to­tally in­ad­e­quate hand­ker­chief. My ap­proach is to lay down a ba­sic dif­fuse colour and then let the light come through where you’d ex­pect it to, ap­ply­ing shad­ows and back­ground shapes ac­cord­ingly.

Then it’s just a mat­ter of adding those glossy high­lights and re­flec­tions. I’ve drawn the goblin in a coloured, line-art style us­ing Pho­to­shop, so I also want to make sure the slime matches the back­ground when it’s done.

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