I want to draw the ugli­est face ever! But how?

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An­swer Tony replies

Be­fore we start, I’d like to point out that the en­tire con­cept of ug­li­ness is a very sub­jec­tive thing. I re­cently read an ar­ti­cle on the “ugli­est celebri­ties” and I was prac­ti­cally throw­ing my fruit snacks at the lap­top screen (Gary Old­man? Re­ally?). If there are people who think those ac­tors are ugly, then there’s no sense in stress­ing out over any ob­jec­tive idea of unattrac­tive­ness! That said, I love a lot of the old EC Comics hor­ror is­sues. When I try and pic­ture ug­li­ness they are the first thing that comes to mind, so I’ll be us­ing that as my in­spi­ra­tion here

Try­ing to get to the root of what “ug­li­ness” is can be an in­ter­est­ing men­tal ex­er­cise in it­self. It’s much like try­ing to fig­ure out what it means to be “pretty” or “hand­some”.

For one thing, many as­pects of what mod­ern Western cul­ture re­gards as ugly are nat­u­ral as­pects of the ag­ing process. Ex­ag­ger­at­ing wrin­kles, cataracts, hair loss, liver spots, lost teeth and al­most any­thing in­dica­tive of de­cay is also some­thing we as a cul­ture as­so­ciate with ug­li­ness.

Think of ev­ery­thing photo re­touch­ers use Pho­to­shop to hide in fash­ion and beauty mag­a­zines, then sim­ply do the op­po­site.

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