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A de­ci­sion is made to go with the stag look. Then var­i­ous im­ages are cre­ated to show the anatomy and dis­cus­sions are had about how each el­e­ment could work. Here I con­cen­trate on the head. Colour isn’t an is­sue at this point, so I opt to cre­ate a pen­cil sketch. It’s painted in Pho­to­shop, with a char­coal brush

I in­clude some at­mos­phere – some­thing that helps to sell an idea to a client

and a sim­u­la­tion of parch­ment/ paper as a back­drop, be­cause it looks bet­ter than a ster­ile white. There is now a set of sharp-look­ing teeth. This isn’t a pas­sive her­bi­vore – the film-mak­ers want a men­ac­ing, wild and crazy look. And the antlers/horns to be made of gnarled wood. This is a for­est crea­ture, so the client wants this re­flected in the de­sign. In the script, the Kirin crashes through the for­est, felling trees as he goes, so a sturdy set of horns will do the trick. As we play with ideas, I keep it as a sketch, enough to stim­u­late dis­cus­sion, with­out spend­ing too long on each im­age.

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