7 Paint­ing tex­ture maps

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I try to cre­ate a wild-eyed look, with el­e­ments of an Asian dragon, fleshy pro­tu­ber­ances to em­u­late a mous­tache, and crocodile horns over the eyes

I paint the tex­ture maps, us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of MARI and Pho­to­shop. There are around 25 8K tex­ture-patches. I use pho­to­graphic rep­tile ref­er­ences as a start­ing point and paint lay­ers of de­tail over these. The map types in­clude colour, two spec­u­lar, bump, sub-sur­face scat­ter and var­i­ous ID masks. The fur is painted us­ing a sep­a­rate UV lay­out from the skin. The ren­der­ing is done us­ing Arnold and the look dev artist is Caro­line Thoumire. I’m moved on from this project be­fore com­ple­tion, so I hand the tex­ture ba­ton to Michael Borhi, who adds the fin­ish­ing touches and adds client de­tail-tweak re­quests.

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