Get­ting started in Sketch Up

SketchUp’s in­tu­itive Push/Pull tool will help you take your first steps on a three-di­men­sional can­vas, says Mark Roosien

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Mark Roosien shows you how to be­gin in 3D.

The aim of this new se­ries of Core Skills is to in­tro­duce the 2D dig­i­tal artist to an easyto-use 3D soft­ware. SketchUp en­ables you to achieve great-look­ing re­sults quickly. It’s free for per­sonal use, so if you haven’t done so al­ready, down­load it from

By us­ing the Push/Pull tool, you can ma­nip­u­late 3D ob­jects very eas­ily. Se­lect

1 Draw a rec­tan­gle and pull up

Start by cre­at­ing a new doc­u­ment and se­lect­ing the Rec­tan­gle icon in your tool­bar. To cre­ate a rec­tan­gle on the ground, just click and move the mouse un­til your rec­tan­gle has the de­sired shape. Now se­lect the Push/Pull icon. Place the cur­sor on the rec­tan­gle, click and pull the rec­tan­gle up by mov­ing the mouse. You just turned a 2D sur­face into a 3D ob­ject.


Draw a roof and push

the Push/Pull icon from the tool­bar and click an ob­ject’s sur­face on your screen. This makes it pos­si­ble to ei­ther push the sur­face away from you, or pull it to­wards you. Even when you’re un­fa­mil­iar with SketchUp, the Push/Pull tool will en­able you to cre­ate a sim­ple 3D model – let’s say a rudi­men­tary house – in just a few min­utes, and over three easy steps, as I’ll demon­strate here.

Draw the out­lines of a roof on the front of the ob­ject, us­ing the Line tool from the tool­bar. Start at the lower left and draw the line up­wards to­wards the mid­dle. SketchUp will show you the cen­tre point. Now draw a line to­wards the lower right. Use the Push/ Pull tool to push both tri­an­gles to­wards the rear of the ob­ject.


Cre­ate a home

Draw some out­lines on the side of the house. Se­lect the Push/ Pull tool and place the cur­sor on the side of the house. Now pull, just like in step one, to cre­ate a de­cent-sized ex­ten­sion to the house. It’s re­ally that sim­ple. Hold the scroll wheel while mov­ing your mouse, to have a look at your model from dif­fer­ent an­gles.

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