Show a clash of cul­tures

Ar­tyom Trakhanov draws ad­vanced ex­plor­ers fight­ing a group of cave­men, in a scene from the comic UN­DER­TOW

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Ar­tyom Trakhanov draws ex­plor­ers fight­ing cave­men.

This is a spread from a comic se­ries called UN­DER­TOW (writ­ten by Steve Or­lando, drawn by my­self and pub­lished by Im­age Comics). UN­DER­TOW is a story about a mod­ern wa­ter-breath­ing At­lantis civil­i­sa­tion, and a group of rebel sci­en­tists, war­riors and artists es­cap­ing from its cruel regime. Those people search for the new life for their group, and even go to the for­bid­den Dry Land to dis­cover how to breathe air and set up a colony.

In essence, it’s a space ex­plo­ration story in re­verse, with the group of un­der­wa­ter crea­tures in their bulky land­suits, filled with wa­ter, ex­plor­ing a com­pletely alien world that’s team­ing with hu­mans from the Stone Age and dan­ger­ous crea­tures. The story con­tin­u­ously gives me the chances to draw weird and gritty stuff. This piece from the third is­sue of our se­ries (out now), for ex­am­ple, shows an am­bush car­ried out by the rav­en­ous cave­men, as they at­tack our At­lantean ex­plor­ers at dawn.

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