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In the re­cent pin-up is­sue (#105), there was a Q& A on shiny la­tex on page 39 that didn’t go into enough depth for me. I’ve tried for ages to achieve that look, both on and off the com­puter, with no real suc­cess, so I won­dered if it was pos­si­ble to do a video show­ing how dif­fer­ent artists man­age it. What paper, board, brush, paint, ink, pro­gram, and how they choose light source, di­rec­tion and so on. I sug­gest more than one artist be­cause in the same is­sue you can see So­rayama’s shiny is dif­fer­ent to Serge Bi­rault’s, and Miss Mosh (page 52), Pink Ama­zon (page 55) and Lady Dy­na­mite (page 77) are all shiny but dif­fer­ent. It would be so good to have some­thing to re­fer to when I’m try­ing for that shiny look. Chris Gray, via email Claire replies You’re right Chris, each artist will have a dif­fer­ent way to cre­ate that shiny ef­fect, and it would seem that the tips we pro­vided in 105 were not for the shiny ef­fect that you were af­ter. We’ll see if we can get an­other artist to show how they do it in an­other is­sue soon.

The ad­vice of Goñi Montes in is­sue 105 on how to paint shiny la­tex didn’t quite work for reader Chris Gray.

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