Step-by-step: Paint a range of fa­cial ex­pres­sions

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The zy­go­mati­cus mi­nor mus­cle curves the mouth down­wards and the cor­ru­ga­tor su­per­cilii pushes the in­ner parts of the brows up­wards, giv­ing to the face a sad look. In a nor­mal face this would cause deep skin folds on the sides of the mouth, but in a skull-like face, I min­imise them. Less fat un­der the skin re­sults in smaller folds. The pro­cerus mus­cle low­ers the in­ner part of the brows. Com­bined with the can­i­nus mus­cle and tri­an­gu­laris mus­cle, which raises the in­ner part of the lips, it also helps to flare the nos­trils. This cre­ates a look of anger. The fold­ings on the mouth and brows are in­evitable, but ver­ti­cal fold­ings on the lips can en­hance the thin look. The zy­go­mati­cus ma­jor mus­cle raises the edges of the mouth, cre­at­ing a cheer­ful ex­pres­sion. The oc­cip­itofrontalis mus­cle raises the brows and the or­bic­u­laris oculi mus­cle lifts the lower lids. I paint some hor­i­zon­tal skin folds over the brows, and make some mus­cles more vis­i­ble un­der the skin to make him look thin­ner.

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