Step-by-step: Light up a head of hair

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1 I draw the face and es­tab­lish the hair’s colour, the light source and the main area of glare. I also ap­ply the colours of the en­vi­ron­ment to the hair. I paint strands of hair with a Soft brush, es­pe­cially those close to the glare. I paint the dark­est ar­eas of the hair and add re­flec­tions. 2 I smear strands that are fur­ther away from viewer with a lit­tle brush wa­ter. This re­sults in a more artis­tic look. I illuminate the glare on the fore­lock with the Soft brush on a sep­a­rate layer, and lighten the back­ground. I add vol­ume to the fore­lock with Over­lay lay­ers. 3 To fin­ish, I add de­tail to the hair us­ing a sep­a­rate Over­lay layer. For shady ar­eas, I pre­fer to add a lit­tle pur­ple colour. I con­tinue to add rays of light sparks, dust par­ti­cles, re­flec­tions in the eyes and de­tails to the skin. I aim to give the pic­ture a tan­gi­ble air of fan­tasy!

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