I need help pic­tur­ing some­one who’s eaten far too much!

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Nick replies

This is prob­a­bly a sign of my age, but the first thing that popped into my head when I read this ques­tion was Monty Python’s Mr Cre­osote, from The Mean­ing of Life. He’s a glut­ton who ex­plodes when per­suaded by a waiter to fin­ish off his enor­mous meal with an af­ter-din­ner mint.

Al­though an ex­ag­ger­ated and over­weight car­i­ca­ture for comic ef­fect, his later lethargy in­duced by ex­ces­sive eat­ing per­fectly de­scribes what’s in my head. I want to avoid a car­i­ca­tured, fat per­son though, so I’m go­ing for some aver­age build types to tackle. The idea is to have them slumped at the ta­ble, al­most un­able to move.

Putting the de­tri­tus from the enor­mous meal that they’ve just eaten around them should hope­fully help ex­plain what’s go­ing on. I don’t want the viewer to think they are just drunk, so I’ll avoid any ob­vi­ous ev­i­dence point­ing to that. Their lethargy and slack jaws re­quire other clues to be placed around. This scene is set dur­ing a Dark Age feast. They’ve been eat­ing with their hands, which can be suit­ably grubby, and are too full to feel like even wip­ing their mouths. Bits of food and other stains are down their fronts.

These me­dieval din­ers are full up, not drunk, so I’ve avoided putting empty flagons of mead on the ta­ble.

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