Step-by-step: Pic­ture the car­nage af­ter a heavy feast

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1 I sketch out a rough com­po­si­tion, us­ing a raised eye level so the viewer’s look­ing down on the pair. This is a well-worn trick for mak­ing the sub­ject seem more vul­ner­a­ble and suits the scene. Things like that can add to the over­all ef­fect. I re­sist ex­ag­ger­at­ing the pose be­cause I in­tend to make the point with­out re­sort­ing to car­i­ca­ture if pos­si­ble. 2 I block in a base colour and hint at some shadow ar­eas very early on, and then move on to con­sol­i­dat­ing some of the colours. I block in colours on the hel­metwear­ing char­ac­ter’s clothes. I do this by paint­ing on a layer above, set to Mul­ti­ply Blend mode and us­ing the Oil brush, as I have for the base. A Mul­ti­ply layer en­ables me to ‘glaze’ the scene. 3 I need our main man to be rather slack jawed, so del­i­cately is he bal­anced be­tween feel­ing full and feel­ing sick. I zoom in and tweak his lower lip and si­mul­ta­ne­ously an­gle his brows up slightly. This ex­pres­sion should help the ef­fect of look­ing rather help­less. Spend time on ex­pres­sions. People no­tice them. I mark in some food splat­ters down his front. 4 Think­ing me­dieval ban­quet or Vik­ing feast, I mark bones dis­carded this way and that. The idea is to have ev­ery­thing eaten apart from one grape. I block their shapes in with solid oil paint on a layer above the base layer. I bring sev­eral lay­ers of shad­ows (Mul­ti­ply Blend mode) us­ing a warm ochre. Fi­nally, high­lights go over ev­ery­thing to crisp things up.

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