Step-by-step: De­pict a fig­ure caught in a fierce sand­storm

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1 In Pho­to­shop, I start off by pro­duc­ing a very quick sketch of a lone cloaked fig­ure, some rock for­ma­tions and in­di­ca­tions of the sand­storm cloud. I then colour the main shapes with a Soft Round brush that’s set to Noise. I con­cern my­self only with the light­ing in the scene and achiev­ing the right or­ange colours for the desert sand. 2 I choose three grainy brushes and work only with them when defin­ing the shapes of the rocks, the sand­storm and the no­mad. Us­ing tex­tured brushes gives the right feel­ing of a dry and sandy en­vi­ron­ment and it also makes the im­age a bit more in­ter­est­ing. It also makes it clear to the viewer that this is not a cloud of wa­ter, but of sand. 3 Af­ter ren­der­ing ev­ery­thing, I start paint­ing grains of sand. Us­ing two dif­fer­ent speck­led brushes on a sep­a­rate layer, I lightly brush over the ground where the heav­ier sand in the storm is. Fi­nally, to make the grains look like they’re blow­ing around, I blur the layer with Gaus­sian Blur and Mo­tion Blur, set­ting Dis­tance to 12 pix­els and An­gle to the wind di­rec­tion.

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